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2018 Road Extraction Techniques from Remote Sensing Images: A Review

The importance of analysis high resolution satellite imagery plays an important research topic for geographical information analysis of cities. Geospatial data plays an important role in important issues such as governmental, industrial, research topics on traffic management, road monitoring, GNSS navigation, and map updating. In this study, road detection from satellite imagery methods are classified as classification-based, knowledgebased, mathematical morphology and dynamic programming. In the beginning, the road structures including feature and model are analyzed. Then, the advantages and disadvantages of road detection methods are evaluated and summarizez their accuracy and performance based on road detection principles. Therefore, in order to obtain remarkable results for road detection, it is better to use more than one method. In after days, performing a complex road extraction from a satellite image is still a necessary and important research topic.

International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Computer Engineering and Science

İdris Kahraman Ismail Rakıp Karas

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Subject Area: Computer Science Broadcast Area: International Type: Oral Paper Language: English