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2018 Delaunay Triangulation and Its Applications

Data collection, data retention and analysis are becoming more and more important every day because of the fact that technology is involved almost all our life. The processing and analysis of the data can become more difficult with increasing precision. In three-dimensional surface modeling, due to the increase in sensitivity and data size depending on the surface state and extent of the surface, collecting and processing the data may become difficult. As a solution to this situation, we can see that Computational Geometry is used extensively. Computational Geometry derives intermediate interpolations by taking the start and end data as references instead of keeping each data separately. In this way, it is possible to model by determining intermediate values based on the mentioned reference points. There are various methods in Computational Geometry such as intersection detection, point position and triangulation. According to the needs, a solution way can be produced by various geometric computations. In our study, "Delaunay Triangulation" which is the most used type of triangulation methods will be examined.

International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Computer Engineering and Science

Mustafa Aksin Emrullah Demiral Ismail Rakıp Karas

178 106
Subject Area: Computer Science Broadcast Area: International Type: Oral Paper Language: English