International Symposium on Industrial Design Engineering

International Symposium on Industrial Design Engineering | ISIDE14

Publisher: Karabük Üniversitesi

The First International Symposium on Industrial Design Engineering (ISIDE14) has organized by Karabük University (TR) with the co-organizers of Wolverhampton University (GB), Wayne State University (USA), Erciyes University (TR), Gazi University (TR), Marmara University (TR), Celal Bayar University (TR), NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology (NFC-IET) (PK), and Zagreb University (HR). It has been considered to be a forum for the academicians, practitioners, and the experts to discuss technological implementations and approaches in the field of industrial design engineering. As science and technology intervene one another, the both are significant players from the economical growth and social prosperity point of views. Producing high valued designed products backed by scientific studies and advanced technologies need the industry representatives and academicians work together an intensive manner at the meetings such as congress, colloquium, symposium etc. where the original scientific studies and technological novelties are explained and the participants exchange information vice versa. The design is not only composed of art but also it should include engineering thinking. The solutions are made by taking engineering considerations into account. Therefore this symposium, as its name refers, is the first symposium, in its special format, gathers academicians, practitioners, company representatives in the field of industrial engineering design. As a platform where R&D studies are presented, shared, and discussed, The First Symposium on Industrial Design Engineering (ISIDE14) will be a successful event over 50 papers submitted. The papers from 5 countries are contributed. The papers cover a wide range of different divisions such as Machinery and Tooling, Machine Tools Design, Product Design Methodologies, Vehicle Design, Biomedical and Sport Equipment Design, Environmental System Design and others. The papers reflect the growing interest in industrial design engineering and its implementations in this common platform. We would like to express our sincere thanks to those people who spend great effort to make this event take place. We sent our special thanks to our Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin UYSAL and our vice rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim KADI, and Dean of Faculty of Technology, which hosts the ISIDE14, Prof. Dr. Mustafa YAŞAR for their invaluable support. We would also like to thank to members of Honour Committee, Scientific Committee, Organizing Committee, for their great effort to make the event successful. Last but not least, we would like to thank to academicians, practitioners, and the experts who were joined to ISIDE14 in order to share their knowledge. With the wishes to see you at the Second International Symposium on Industrial Design Engineering.

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