International Symposium on Industry 4.0 and Applications

International Symposium on Industry 4.0 and Applications | ISIA

Publisher: Karabük Üniversitesi

This succeeding symposium aimed at bringing together academics, researchers and engineers, Industry 4.0 manufacturers, exporters and importers, suppliers, technology producers and non-governmental organizations around the World to share and discuss their latest works and the new methodologies, and to follow new developments in Industry 4.0. The topics of ISIA 2017 covered are Artificial Intelligence, Business and Information Systems, Internet of Things, Big Data-Data Mining, Simulation, Material Science, Robotics, Automation, Social perspective of Industry 4.0, Computer Technologies and Advanced Technologies.

Conference Chair:

Dr. Muharrem Düğenci

Subject Area: Computer Science Broadcast Area: International Language: English

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